No is always the ok answer

I read an article here tonight that got me to thinking about how sometimes no is the best answer that you can give.

The article talks about a young girl who says no to something and how that means that she is choosing for herself which things are important for her to do and which are not – an expression of her individuality. It got me to thinking that even as an adult that I have trouble saying no to things I don’t really want to do or places I don’t want to go. Often I will make the plans and then will look for a way to get out of them. Most of the time when I do go, I enjoy myself but I always feel like I should be doing something else. So, why do I say yes in the first place? Sometimes it’s obligation – it’s something I feel like I HAVE to do. Sometimes it really is something that at the time I am asked or presented with the invitation I am interested, but by the time the event rolls around I’m all eh about the whole thing. Why? I like being around the people I choose to be around or I wouldn’t hang out with them. Physically I do get tired, so that’s part of it (which is one more reason I need to let this weight go)….anyway, it’s something that is on my mind….something for thought 🙂


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